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Historias de Testigos

Por favor comparta con Freerlife cualquier historia que tengas para compartir el evangelio mediante las pulseras y las tarjetas para la billetera.  Esto puede incluir para conducir a alguien a Cristo.  Concluyendo con la oración de salvación o solamente al tener una oportunidad de plantar la semilla espiritual con otra persona.  Por favor escriba la fecha de su historia pero mantenga las personas y sitios mencionados en su historia anónima. Cuando nos envias, significa que das permiso para incluir tu historia completa o la mitad en esta página.

While I was with a woman at a local ministry, she asked about my bracelet. I shared a tiny bit of Meghan‘s story and then showed her the symbols and talked about the gospel and salvation. Thank you for making it easy to open that door!


I just had a homeless man approach me in the airport and he asked if he could sit down at the table I was at and I said yes. He kept flying to new cities as a way to cope with depression. He asked me if I believed in God. I told him yes, and he told me he felt worthless and that God had abandoned him. We talked about why, what the Bible says, and how loved he truly is. He said God keeps leading him to people like me as if God was teasing him. We talked more about that, and what God is trying to tell him, and the conversation ended with him asking if I could pray for him. I did and then handed him a copy of the Freer Life wallet card. I told him it had all the best verses on it. He seemed thrilled! He read a few of them and went on his way taking it with him. He said he wanted love and freedom... and our God offers it!

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